1. Manufacturing, processing and sales including export and import of the related

machines and electric equipments
2. Sales and Export/Import of the following items

A.  Foods and other beverages

B.  Musical instruments, toys and stationeries

C.  Lumber, porcelain , Ceramics

D.  Textiles for clothing

F.  jewelries

G.  Sports goods
3. Development of the above mentioned items
4. Repair and installation of machinery equipments and its lease and rentals
5. Manufacturing and sales of plastic resin material and miscellaneous plastic good,

pipe and sheet.
6. Sales and export/import of Miscellaneous goods
7. Acquisition, sales and Patenting of Industrial right, know-how, software and Sales
8. Planning of Construction works, designing, Contracting, supervision and Sub-

9. Hotel, Sport Facilities, Restaurant, travel Agency
10. Real Estate transaction, Lease and Rentals, Supervision
11. Agency for above listed business

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