Company History

Oct. 1947 Tanifuji Machinery ltd. Funded in Fukagawa. Koto-ku Tokyo
1947-1951 Started manufacturing Test machine for Civil Engineering
Oct. 1951 Moved to Osaki Meguro-ku, Tokyo to cope with increase of purchase order

Started manufacturing lumber machine specifically in collecting material lumber
Apr. 1955 Started sales and manufacturing of concrete test machine
Apr. 1956 Started manufacturing “Bush Cleaner”

Started sales and manufacturing of “Impact Durability Test machine”
Apr. 1957 Started sales and manufacturing of Asphalt Test Machine
Apr. 1959 Technical tie‐up agreed with Sweden National Soil Test Labo. And started Sales

and manufacturing “Swedish Foil Sampler”

the technical tie-up, and "Sloyd foil sampler" is produced and it sells it.
Apr. 1961 Started mass sales and production of Fujibayashi type Bush Cleaner type 6.

Completed development of New Compression Test Machines
Jul. 1963 Capital increased to 100,000,000 JPY

Listed to Second section of Tokyo Stock Exchange on 22nd July
Jul. 1965 Factory advanced into Saitama Pref. to catch up demand increase. Production

capacity doubled.
Mar. 1966 Capital increased to 200,000,000JPY
Sep. 1967 Expanded on-demand production of general industrial machines
Jan. 1970 Advanced into Plastic extruder business
May. 1970 Started import and sales of Tynaflect (Dynamic Support Measuring Vehicle by REM

CD Corp. USA through Engineering Tie-up

(Delivered to New Tokyo International Airport Public Corp.)
Oct. 1974 Capital increased to 360,000,000 JPY
Mar. 1975 Capital increased to 390,000,000 JPY
Jul. 1975 Funded Nakatani Machinery Ltd. for expansion of sales and service of plastic

related machine business
Aug. 1977 Started production of Single screw extruder NX type
Dec. 1978 Completed development of Single screw extruder with specific kneading

configuration in cylinder
Dec. 1979 Capital increased to 500,000,000 JPY
Jan. 1980 Moved to the current location at Kisaicho
Jun. 1984 Capital increased to 1,049,900,000 JPY
Mar. 1985 Started New Model of 75m/m Twin Screw Extruder
Jun. 1986 Advanced into Real Estate Business for expansion
Sep. 1986 Advanced into Ceramics
Feb. 1987 Advanced into Health Care Foods(Nutrition Supplement)、Advanced into Health

Care Equipments
Apr. 1990 Capital increased to 2,525,000,000 JPY
May. 1990 Established Freesia Home Company Ltd.(Currently Consolidated affiliated company)
Apr. 1991 Altered company name to Macross Company Ltd.
Mar. 1995 Capital increased to 1,380,860,000 JPY
Apr. 1995 Altered Company name to Freesia Macross Corporation
Jun. 1997 Established Freesia Computer Corporation(Currently not consolidated)
Jul. 1997 Altered Freesia Solar systems Ltd. to Freesia Trading Ltd
Feb. 2001 Capital increased to 1,452,270,000 JPY
Mar. 2001 Capital increased to 1,497,270,000 JPY
Sep. 2001 Freesia Home Company Ltd. has purchased Lenahouse Sweden Corp.

(Currently not consolidated)
Dec. 2001 Capital increased to 1,741,760,000 JPY
Feb. 2002 Capital increased to 1,903,460,000 JPY
Feb. 2002 Capital increased to 2,077,760,000 JPY
Mar. 2002 Moved head office to Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (Current Head Office)
Mar. 2003 Executed Stock Split per 1:2
Mar. 2004 Increased capital of Freesia Home Company Ltd. to 1,295,250,000JPY by Debt

Equity Swap.
Aug. 2005 Executed Stock Split per 1:2
Jun. 2006 Executed Stock Split per 1:2
Mar. 2007 Acquired whole stock of Koei Industry Ltd. from Freesia Trading Company ltd. to

make it an affiliated company.
May, 2008 Offered corporate bond by Freesia Macross for support of small and medium‐sized


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