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International competitiveness of Japan as manufacturing nation has been challenged severely by developing countries. However, we have achieved cost reduction through complete business improvement. Performance of the product has been up-graded remarkably against past. The theme to reduce the cost below half while doubling the performance has been fulfilled. The cause of its success is due to the business view point and complete business improvement.

1.Employed high grade materials and parts affluently, which used to be too expensive to match to the cost of extruder.

Taking examples, Brass casted heater for all twin screw extruders, SKD tool steel for screws, involute spline for screw shaft has been employed. For single screw extruders, inverter motor for its main motor, nitrided steel for screw cylinder have been employed as standard material. For many other parts, stainless steel has been employed. Base metal for pelletizer. Ultra hard chip for blades. By these measures, relatively expensive materials and parts such as brass, SKD, Stainless, Inverter motor, have become standardised and procurement volume has increased dramatically with the results of substantial reduction of purchasing cost. Further more,
succeeded to eliminate plating cost of nitrided steel and stainless steel, which used to be the bottle neck for cost reduction, to reduce gear numbers in motor and inverter , which required big amount of processing cost. Burden for prevention of public hazard used to be big in plating and human cost in Japan is relatively expensive. Therefore, reduction of burden in these two area resulted in bigger effect than cost increase by high grade material and parts. Among many other examples, these are just examples of Up-grade of Quality with Cost reduction at the same moment.

2.Produce High Grade models only

As said in the proverb , “The greater contains the less.” Any model has been designed to produce unusually bigger production capacity against its diameter with big size motor even in standard specifications. It is our designing principle to make machine smaller in outer diameter, bigger production capacity, tougher body and bigger motor. With this concept, we have succeeded to make product number to the minimum and increased the production volume greatly. This could be the great driving force for cost reduction with the preceding conditions and mass volume purchase order of said material and parts.

3.Almost all Japanese manufacturers have been in difficulty in recent breaking of company grouping. We have succeeded to get exceptional cooperation by such suppliers with contribution to maintaining their operation through construction of wider tie-up relation.

For example, the production lot per one model per one time is 60 units for motor, 100ton for special steel. It has been agreed the ex-factory cost without adding on marketing and administration expenses with the condition to place package purchase to them. Processing expenses for outside suppliers has been actualized either by assuring standard job volume under standard specification resulting in outstanding productivity at both sides. Other example like tempering process of the parts, we have carried in tempering parts to the sub-contract with somewhat thrilling, who are obliged to close the Kiln even with some vacancy in it due to the delivery time limit to the customers, requesting substantial discount of cost or stay it as it is.
Tempering quality is equivalent even in center or corner in the kiln. Needless to say, we have not left delivery to transportation company alone. We have collected information for effective usage adjusting our delivery to their vacant timing at each one of transportation companies.

4.Abolishing prevalent complicated ambiguous transaction to customs, making the price transparent, establishing the business transaction rule with tem, we have created the system which have enabled any customers in the world to purchase our products. At the same time, We have compressed marketing expenses greatly.

Saying concretely, any customers from any countries are requested to visit Japan for signing off the purchase contract. The half of the flight expenses shall be born by us. Lodging expenses shall be guided to be less than U$100/day. In case much more incurs, we will bear the extra.
This is proved effective measures to exchange of engineering information. Other than these, three days operating and maintenance training prior to shipment of the machine is scheduled. Obligations at both sides are summarized as a manual to eliminate any unexpected troubles at both sides. On this opportunity either, special favors are prepared to reduce customer’s burden such as flight and lodging expenses. By the way, we are able to reduce maintenance burden preventing troubles and resulting in the effective factor for reduction of cost.
Utilizing marketing skills freely and synchronizing from designing, procurement, manufacturing and sales factors consistently, we are actualizing planned production, improvement of productivity, fulfilling high grade product at ultra low cost, great marketing expense reduction, furthermore cost reduction, more sold out of products, furthermore cost reduction. Such favored circulation has been enhanced.
We are offering you our product proudly commemorating 60th anniversary per 50 units only, with high quality and surprising price without our profit as summary of Freesia Macross Extruder business history. One of our proud on our product is the fact that it is consist of the materials and parts built by the Japanese manufacturers which are leading manufacturing engineering industries in each one of the category with the feature of the world most affordable price and have been built, processed and assembled by the hands of Japanese craftsmen. This guidance has been transmitted to the customers in 42 countries world wide at the same time through Magazine, News Paper and Direct Mail etc in each languages. Many many incoming applications are expected. We will serve “First come first served basis” for just 50 units only. As being tentative application system. Any penalty shall not be charged even cancellation afterward. If some investment is planned at your company, apply anyway. You might be in time by such trial, however, kindly forgive us if it will not.

We are very happy in case this opportunity could be utilized for your production productivity improvement with our commemorating re-engineering price.

Beji Sasaki         

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